Monday, January 5, 2009

IronMaya - 1/2 IM Guatemala

This one I would like to Tri myself ... maybe this May maybe next year - still have to bring it up to my Coach and check my finances :-)

The swim: Lake Peten Itza is a mirror like portion of water surrounded by a really cool scenery. The water was perfect!!! Super calm, nice temperature.. I really enjoyed swiming there.. man... you should see the views!! Incredible sunrises/sunsets.

The bike: The road from the island of Flores to Tikal is really good, no major issues there.. flat portions, then ups and downs.. and the big climb "El Caoba".. that's a challenge.. but it gives the race a degree of difficulty that makes it a real challenge.

The run: After you leave your bike in T2 at Tikal's parking lot, you start running into the park, going through the jungle, hearing all the birds and endless types of species that live there.. it is reaally cool! then you go through the ruins and man.. what a view.. all those temples... and you get a sensation of acomplishment just passing by through all that history....
The finish line place in "La Plaza Mayor" where the most representative of the temples are.. tooooo coooool!!!!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to travel and see the beauty of one of the ancient cultures of the American Continent.. added to a perfectly planned race!!

Text written by Leo Aguilar on Dec 5, 2008, and
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