Monday, December 31, 2007

Before & After Pictures

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Weight 75.8
KGBF 20.2%
Weight 72.5KG
BF 11.2%


red said...

Man you did really well!

Dean said...

Wow! You look great!! Your page is a great motivational tool...I'll definitely be checking up on you and what you have to say!

Andres Trujillo said...

Mauricio, your page has become a beacon for motivation, and strenght for many of us doing this training. Keep the good work and the good will.

kaiser_ryu said...

Truly fantastic results man!

You look great!;)

antonio2030 said...

What's up Mauricio? you look great, you are really motivating me to keep on with the 16 week program, i wanna thank you also for the challengers list, another good motivation to see this other guys trying to go on the same way as i, im glad to say that i just droped 7% of fat this week, just don't know if it is too much, im doing just what arnel's program says, interval, resistance and support eating, im guessing im gonna slow down a little now, don't know but real happy right now, i hope to upload pics soon, thanks again man!

Anonymous said...

Great job, man.

six pack exercises said...

Wow, Mauricio...that's a really nice before and after!

You really applied the motivational quote you put up there.

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction" ~George Lorimer

Great job, dude!

Mauricio Segura said...

Thanks very much six pack exercises for stopping by and making the comment.

Peoples comments and words serve as great motivation boosters as well.


how to get 6 pack abs said...

Wow, you have that great form of your body. You have indeed succeeded with what you aim for congratulations.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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