Tuesday, July 28, 2009

XX Carrera de relevos de San José - Puntarenas

RACE NAME - XX Carrera de Relevos de San José - Puntarenas

RACE TYPE - running, relays, teams (12 participants + 1 sub)

DATE - November 14, 2009

INFORMATION - http://www.sportwenscr.com/relevos/relevos_principal.html, Mr. Willy Núñez Soto at (506) 2249-1836.

I am currently looking for more information about the Carrera de Relevos de San José - Puntarenas. I will post it as soon as I get

I want Six Pack Abs - Reloaded - week 1

I had done this once with very good results back in 2007 (see blog
entries of Sept-Dec 2007). I have been training for the last year and half and feel ready to take the challenge again!!!

I just completed my first day strength training for week 1 - sh****t I had forgotten how hard weeks 1 and 2 were!!!

Hope to post pictures by the weekend.