Monday, November 12, 2007

Progress up to Nov 12 2007

My stats are below
My goal now 6/7% BF, and fuller arms and traps!!! wish me luck!!

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Biceps/Triceps have gained 1.5 centimeters in the past 3 weeks :-)
Wk0 75.8KG
Wk12 69.5
Lean Weight
Wk0 60.49KG
Wk12 61.85
Fat Weight
Wk0 15.31KG
Wk12 7.65
Body Fat %
Wk0 20.2%
Wk12 11.0%
Wk0 25.3
Wk12 22.3


ASixPackAbsAttackChallenger said...

WOW... that's all i have to say... totally blown away... it's incredible to see that all the hard work pays off... I haven't had the same input of hard work and it's showing not to be rewarding... :(

could you by any chance post what you are eating regularly... i wanna start with the eating part of the program but i have not had the time to organize my meals, so maybe if somebody else lets me borrow their work into the meals I can get a bit of a step ahead into my six pack abs... pliz?


Mauricio Segura said...

I have not made many changes to Arnel´s proposed guidelines, I´ll certainly be happy to share what I have done with you. Just drop me a line at

Thank you for your comment,

Mauricio Segura

sfgsdff said...

i believe your bodyfat percentage is much lower than 11%... i would say 7%

Sickofthegut said...

Your looking amazing brother!!

Im still losing inches around my gut but I dont look anything like what you have!! My diets good too, so either I just have a lot of fat around my gut or Im doing something wrong.

I know its going to take me much more than 16 weeks, but I was really heavy when I started this thing. I will be posting my progress even after the 16 weeks.

Keep up the great work man, you are truly an inspiration to all of us.


Ryan said...

Wow man, m-a-zing results. You are definitely getting where you want to be.

I also see that the arms in eruption program is working for you? I'm doing it this week/next week then MAYBE the following week. After that probably gonna work on chest or abs.

Anyways keep it up and think positive! later.

Ryan said...

oh yeah, one more thing. I'm not gay or anything like that. But I really really like the tattoo on your right arm. I've actually been thinking about getting something similar to that on my arm in the future. Maybe after my journey b/c my arms will be HUGE by then :D.

Sammy said...

Hey mauricio, I just came across your site. Just wanna say you've done great man. Fantastic job

Luis Velez Cruz said...

Hi. you look amaising what we have don with our body and how we change the form of feels great.
thanks for the coment of my back.but ive ben doing the weekley exercise of the challenge,but before i work out betwen time to time and for my back i was doing the pull ups with the arms very wide . thanks.