Monday, November 26, 2007

Progress up to Nov 26 2007

I will post new progress pictures next week. I will be going to the beach over the weekend, I guess that will be a good moment to shoot some.

I have kept my diet, and continued with the Six-Pack Abs Challenge. I have added and arms workout -- which is working just fine --.

I am currently doing week 14 of Arnels workouts.... It is real hard. I am doing my pullups with 10 lbs, pushups with 35 lbs and squats with 35 lbs in the backpack and holding a disk of 25 additional lbs.

I am enjoying every second of it.


Sickofthegut said...

Great job man, you are rockin this program!!

I am still going hard too, and am trying to eat more protein, which seems the hardest part. I will post new pics next week too.

Keep it up!!

Filipino Jim said...

Hi mauricio. Thanks for the support. I've decided to just go with P90X. It's a 90 day program that's guaranteed to give great results if the instructions are properly followed. This my 3rd week on my meal plan w/out the workout. Today was actually my first day of P90X. I will keep everyone informed of my progress. I was looking through your journal and you've made great progress. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration.


Filipino Jim said...
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Filipino Jim said...

I apologize. Here's the link of the program that I'm currently using.
P90X website.