Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quick Update

Thank you all for your comments (d.phantom, kaiser_ryu, antonio2030, ivan -thanks for the vote too-, nathan lei hyde, x, Julian, Kay Dash, dean, and alan)

Alan, let me answer your question. The gut will eventually vanish and you will always be "tight" in the core (abs region); and like other parts of your body, flexing will help you make already-visible muscles wayyyyy more visible and bigger.
As for me, I´ve been super busy with:

1. Regular Tri training, Fight Club training and TKDO training

2. Helping with the organization of the Yin Yang Costa Rica Taekwondo Open 2008

3. Helping a little the United World Colleges Costa Rica Committee with the selection process for this year

4. Taking care of a recent knee injury (TKDO knee sprain + MTB bike fall last Sunday) on a 60 mile ride. I am now taking a one-week rest!! :-)
5. and work just started super busy this year.... hopefully the workload will go back to normal level soon... :-)

Life is going great and I shall be posting pictures of my progress by the end of February

Jonathan Loaiza (left), Charbel Montoya (right) and I (center)
I am first left-to-right in the front row.


ASixPackAbsAttackChallenger said...

Great job mauro... hopefully you can stay on top of all the work you have for this period of time...

oh and I hope you get a good rest for that knee... they're tough to deal with... specially cuz if you don't take care of them at the right time they won't heal properly... i have an ankle injury that didn't heal properly and even today it bugs me at times...

Take care...


kaiser_ryu said...

Man you really have been very busy!

But it's all for good reasons!;)

Your body is a great motivation when workout!

Wanna have a body like that!xD

antwheat1 said...

Mauricio, Thanks for the comment and I can tell a difference not only visually but definitely in strength. Check out the pics I posted. I'm 6'3" and when I weighed at the beginning of the 16 weeks I was at 220 pounds. I'll try to get on a scale again soon to check my weight, but I really don't concern myself with that, I'm more of a visual person.

Alan said...

Hi mauricio, I'm just on the 7 week of arnels 16 weeks, I have a doubt, How many times it is suppossed that I do the 10 exercises /30 reps. Set?
Just One time? Only the 300 reps?
Comparing it with the other weeks, it only took me about 20 minutes.

En español: Hola, voy en la semana 7 de las 16, en esta se manejan 10 ejercicios con 30 repeticiones, 300 training. Cuantas veces se supone que debo hacer el set, 1 ,2 o 3?
Porque es raro que si hago las 300 repeticiones, solo hago 20 minutos.


Mauricio Segura said...

Alan, tienes correo o blog para contestarte.

Alan said...

hola, mauricio el correo es

espero puedas pasarme algunos tips, y eso de la semana 7... igual hay muchos ejercicios en los que no soy muy fuerte, como los Explosive pushups.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mauricio!

Keep up with all the sports involvement, you're awesome!

I wish you a good knee recovery!

Take care!

Lisandro777 said...

Hola Mauricio, saludos desde sur america.

Primero muchas gracias por tomarte tiempo y compartir tu experiencia, segundo permiteme molestarte con algunas preguntas:

1. Que elementos son indispensables para realizar la rutina de arnel, es decir debo conseguir pesas, barras, mancuernas, etc?. He visitado la pagina pero no es muy claro.

2. Es posible obtener los resultados sin la alimentación sugerida por arnel?

3. Cuanto tiempo te tomas o tomaste para hacer tus rutinas diarias?

Espero puedas sacar un poco de tiempo y aclarar mis inquietudes.

Puedes escribirme a

De nuevo muchas gracias,