Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I will update with final challenge pictures soon

Here is a picture a friend of mine took at the beach early in December!!
I will update my picture with final challenge pictures in the next few days.

[Blog owner removed picture]


Sickofthegut said...

man you look badas in that black and white pic bro!!

Great job, your there!!

deMello said...

Great results, Mauro.
You rules!

Chi&Pie said...

Huge Change from week one.
You look like a different person!
Your hard work really paid off!

Luis Velez Cruz said...

Wow,you realy are in god look great.

MannyRSX said...

wow man, MAGNIFICENT work, you did it and you did it good. Congrats man!!

Espero que sigamos en contacto, puede ser que necesite orientacion tuya para yo conseguir mi mejor cuerpo :)

Cuidate, Manny.
PD. Happy xmas :)