Monday, December 31, 2007

A few words about me and my experience

I am a 36 year-old Banking Software translator from Costa Rica and have kept active in sports -Triathlon and Taekwondo -(at a very recreational level)-. I enjoy participating more than competing!!! :-) Despite the exercise I get to do, I had never enjoyed six-pack abs... that is until I came across Arnel´s

After these 16 weeks, I´ve come to understand that the three most important factors for the 16-week 6-Pack Abs Journey were [in order of importance]:
- Social support/ motivation
- Nutrition
- Exercise

My goal in week 1 was… [to have] A body to be proud of and confident. I simply wanted to have a masculine athletic physique and live a healthy life.

Arnel´s program definitely took me in the that direction.

As for motivation to do things as prescribed by Arnel, it all came down to how badly I wanted to achieve my goals. Dedication and commitment.

To all of that, I can now add that the motivation I get [to keep going] is also from people who are inspired by my story to "join" this lifestyle! or simply become better.

I learned great lessons from the group of challengers that accompanied me throughout the jorney, and recall..

Julian Nunez from Canada, who once said, "[These] 16 weeks are just ... to set us in the right state of mind for the challenge ahead, a never-ending one".
Batman, who said, "EXACTLY, [THIS IS] A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!"
JJeagle, who said, "...[this] is a new lifestyle change that I am starting to get used to that is why I am doing more than usual activity. Once a goal is reached, it will ease down a bit and I will just be doing a maintenance phase when it comes to training, but the eating lifestyle will remain the same."
Steve, who said, "Training is King and Nutrition is Queen".

What we have done in the past 16 weeks is no fad, and it has taken US to a definite better quality life --It is higher state--

To end I’ll recap on motivational quotes I had posted on Nov/7 [which were pretty much my credo, and helped me all along.]:

"Pain is weakness leaving the body - and strength training is the antidote." - Unknown

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." - Unknown

"Strength is magical; just a little bit more can mean the difference between success and failure." - Mike Berry

"Will you look back on life and say, "I wish I had," or "I'm glad I did"?" - Unknown

"The lazy never started and the weak died along the way." - Unknown

"Strength training is not about being the strongest; rather it is about being as strong as YOU can be." - Mike Berry

"People do not lack strength; they lack will." - Victor Hugo

"Training is King and Nutrition is Queen." - Steve from the Challente

"Train with the will to die." - Enson Inoue, aka Yamato Damashi (a mixed martial arts fighter)

" any fight it's the guy whose willing to die who´s gonna win ..." -- Al Paccino


Loyally yours,

Mauricio Segura


Filipino Jim said...

Holy crap! You've made some serious changes. Congratulations!

Spuckler said...

Hey thanks for the message on my blog. I'm going to definately check out that group on Google.

The HIIT and nutrition is going well...though I slipped a bit yesterday and today due to a baby being born...hard to train and eat well while waiting at a hospital.


ASixPackAbsAttackChallenger said...

HEy! I never actually noticed this post, but its the most motivational one and the best by far (cuz i'm mentioned in it! lol :P )

Nah, seriously, You are the winner for me... Luis was a tank b4 and toned a lot, but you went from nothing to the most inspirational one in the group and the one who kept me going.

I wanna thank you for all your support cuz you are definately the one who kept the group's ties.

Arnel gave me the program, you gave me the motivation, now I! I can't let you down! and i won't

I just got my bodylastics, and they're awesome, and I'm done with week 1 and I will continue...

Thanks Mauro... My buddy for life... believe me when I say that I'll always remember your words...


Anonymous said...

I second what Julian says!

Mauricio, you are so right about social encouragement/motivation. It is definitely THE most important aspect of this life-long challenge.

Thanks for being an inspiration!