Wednesday, September 3, 2008

June-July-Aug-Sept Update

I have been working out hard. I have been doing Arnel Ricafranca's "How to Build Muscle in 16 Weeks Or Less"as laid out at I am currently doing week 14, so I will be finished by Sept 21, 2008.

On Sept 22, 2008, I plan take up the "My 16 Weeks To Six Pack Abs Workout Program" as laid out at". Note that this is actually the second time I will do it. The first time I obtained great results, and I cant wait to see what is in store for me when I do it again after having put up some muscle.

This time around it will kind of the "Six Pack Abs Workout Program - RELOADED" as I will put into practice what I have learned from Arnel in the last year to do as well as I can.

will undergo knee surgery in Aug 2009 after a trip to Canada
will continue with Taekwondo (with the necessary adjustments and limitations)
will do two or three SPRINT triathlons from now to the surgery
will continue to have fun participating specially in open-sea meets and MTB challenges
will post progress pictures on Sept 22, 2008

PS last post for blog under the name -- The Six Pack Path
I am a 36 year-old Banking Software translator. I am from Costa Rica and have kept active in sports -Triathlon and Taekwondo -(at a very amateur level) - I basically enjoy participating more than competing!!! :-) Despite the exercise I get to do, I had never enjoyed six-pack abs... that is until I came accross Arnel´s

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