Monday, January 14, 2008

The Arms WorkOut is Working too!!!

The botton picture correspond to November 7, 2007. I started my Arms in Eruption Workout that week!! The picture at the top I took the last week of December 2007.

Leave me a comment!!!


Luis Velez Cruz said...

Hi,you look are a champ.
Your body looks more pumped and very define.

Danny Ravn said...

Sup Mauricio,

Thanks for the comment, man.. Everything helps now a days when work is just plain shit.. :P - I'm glad to see, that you still got those killer abs, dude.. Hopefully I will end up looking like you, Arnel and the other guys from group 1.. :)

Take care,

ASixPackAbsAttackChallenger said...

lots of definition in those arms... good job man...


PS: I'm gonna have to copy the workout too... lol... when did u do the arm workout? RT day? or HIIT day? or rest day?

SundrySunny said...

Wow, it's just incredible everything you're doing. Very inspirational. Seems like you're having a blast!


Ryan said...

hey dude how's it goin',? you think you could send me the design you have for your left shoulder/right arm band to I want to take a closer look at it, thanks.